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Elite Chiropractic & Rehab Additional Reviews


Talk about family!! Dr. Brown and his crew make us feel right at home. Interaction between the patients makes rehab a comfortable and enjoyable experience. I had such bad shoulder pain that I could not get any sleep. Physicians prescribed muscle relaxants that gave me no real relief. By the 3rd visit I was able to sleep through the night for the first time in AGES. By the 5th visit I no longer recognized that my shoulder was there! I really like the “Activator” method that Dr. Brown practices. It is a very relaxing treatment that leaves me comfortable even between treatments. Thank-you, Dr. Brown, Katie and Heather! You all work together very well to help us feel better, and all do AN AMAZING JOB!!
– Darin S.

Highly Recommend

I just started coming to Dr. Brown a few weeks ago and I can already tell a huge improvement! I would highly recommend anyone to stop in and try him out if you have any type of back/neck problems. I have a little bit of both and he always does a customized plan for everyone depending upon your issue. I think the Rehab room is great! It has a little bit for everyone and has a great personal trainer that is always happy to help. There is also a Spinal Decompression machine which is WONDERFUL. I would say to try it out for anyone who is thinking of going to a new Chiropractor or if you are just wondering what chiropractic would do for you. The staff really makes you feel at home and your not rushed to get in and out. There are different options as far as treatment so your not pressured into coming more than you want. I would highly recommend him to anyone!
– Ashleigh

Friendly Office

I have been receiving chiropractic care from Dr. Brown and his staff for a couple months now. I was first introduced to them when they were providing free massages in the Bone Student Center for Illinois State students. They were very friendly and eager to help with my health issues (neck & back pain). Results were instant with my first adjustment. Along with chiropractic adjustments, I was also prescribed a personalized rehab program to help speed up recovery/healing. My rehab program is thorough yet efficient and easily fits into my hectic college schedule. Dr. Brown also specializes in several different chiropractic techniques, which accommodates for those who prefer one technique over the other. I highly recommend Elite Chiropractic and Rehab for your chiropractic needs, they really take the time to focus on you as a person and what service you need to return to a healthy lifestyle.
– Jamie G.

Best Chiropractor

Dr. Brown is very good at his job. He really cares about all his patients and does everything he can to make your pain go away. When he adjusts you it is amazing how much better you feel. He does a variety of adjustments and they are all incredible. It is a great environment and everyone truly wants you to feel your best and prevent those injuries from happening again by going through some rehab stretches. He is the best chiropractor I have been to and I suggest going to him with any type of back problem!
– Kati

Fully Recommend

Dr. Brown is the best chiropractor I’ve ever been to in my life! He’s the first chiro I’ve met who truly is concerned for his patients and he always take the time to listen and customize my treatments specifically for me. With other chiropractors, I’ve always felt like a “number” – rushed to get in and out. He really does put his patients first. Also, Dr. Brown is extremely honest, genuine and real – he’s not out to get people’s money like others are – unlike other chiros I’ve been to in the Bloomington-Normal area. Also, Dr. Brown is always learning new techniques and applying new treatment techniques. It’s awesome! He really is the best!! If you’re looking for a chiropractor, I fully recommend his office 100%!!
– Leo C.

Always a Pleasure

I used to get severe headaches, occasional sharp pain in my mid-back, and frequent pain in my neck, but all of those things have dramatically decreased/lessened in severity since I have been going to Dr. Brown for the past 9 months. In fact, I rarely get headaches anymore, and when I do I am able to go in for an adjustment and amazingly instantly no longer have a headache when he adjusts my neck. He is especially knowledgeable in a diverse range of techniques, ski rope for neck, activator for more fine tuning/ less hands on – when you might be feeling very achy, obviously regular hands on adjustments, and impulse adjusting which is fairly new & wonderful. He really cares about people getting better and feeling better ( so no pressure if you just want quick relief or want to work on fixing issues that would take longer for lasting relief). Rehab is also offered and is great for patients to utilize in conjunction with being adjusted. Also he has such wonderful & helpful staff = ) – It really is amazing to feel as good as you are supposed to feel – because we all get used to just dealing with pain too often… Going there is always a pleasure, I feel taller and like a new person when I leave.
– Connie

Accommodating and Professional

Very accommodating and professional. Dr. Brown gave me instant relief for my issue and has been 100% successful in keeping me pain free through regular adjustments. Can’t say enough good about this place!
– Brian

Great Adjustments

Dr. Brown gives great adjustments and really listens to you about where you are having problems. He has many different techniques to take care of any problems you’re having! I would highly recommend him!
– Jeremy

Good at What They Do

I met Dr. Brown when he was visiting the ISU campus. I had been to chiropractors on and off for years, but this is probably the most thorough examination I have ever done. In addition to Dr. Brown, his staff is very helpful. I made an appointment for an adjustment following the spring semester at ISU, and it had already been established that I was on the student insurance plan. A few days after making the appointment, his receptionist called me to make sure I was a full time student for the summer semester. I was not aware that students had to pay for the summer insurance if they weren’t taking a full time load. Apparently she had made that mistake herself in the past, and called to make sure I was covered or if she would move the appointment to the last week of spring semester. Any other medical facility I have been associated with would’ve just made me foot the bill- Elite Chiropractic says they try to make sure there are no surprises- it’s true. Long story short- Honest and good at what they do.
– Cassie


Before attending Elite Chiropractic& Rehab I was on a miserable cycle of medications, Headaches, and arthritic pain throughout my body. My prognosis seemed to be getting bleaker every time I sought relief for my ever increasing pain. The most recent prognosis being spinal injections and eventual surgery. I was referred to Dr. Brown. Dr. Brown did not see me as a diagnosis but a entire person. Treated my pains; therapy, adjustments, decompression. Now, I am completely off pain medication, don’t remember the last time I had a headache and am enjoying increasing strength, endurance, and flexibility. The thing that I consider the biggest benefit to my treatment by Dr. Brown is hope.
– Diana

Great Therapy

I have always had back pain & I found adjustments to be the most beneficial treatment. Dr. Brown’s techniques have been so helpful. The individual attention he gives each patient really makes you feel welcome & comfortable. It is always a pleasure to come into Dr. Brown’s office, not only for the great therapy, but also the great vibe one gets during a session.
– Rachael

Look Forward to Treatments

I’m not sure where to start other thanto tell of my experience. I do not live in Bloomington but work brings me into town on occasion. I receive chiropractic treatments all over the state and can say that Dr. Brown adjusts me like nobody else ever has. He was the first doctor to ever discover a connection between a pinched nerve and my thyroid and I seriously have lost 3-4 lbs after every treatment as a result of having my C7 adjusted! The doctor told me that this wasn’t typical, though. Dr. Brown does the “activator” method on me, which is what I’m used to from otherchiropractors. However, he does it way more advanced – for example, he uses it on my feet, shoulders, and jaws with muscle tests. Til this day, he is the only doctor that figured out how to get rid of my shin splints by adjusting this small spot on the bottom of my foot. Dr. Brown is very kind and seems very concerned with his patients. He doesn’t ever want anybody to leave if they’re not 100% better. I look forward to my treatments there!
– Angie

Positive Experience

I brought my 3-month old son intothe office and he couldn’t turn his head to the left. His head had been turned to the right for the past few days or so and I was really concerned about him. So I brought him to Dr. Brown and he used an “activator” tool on him and as soon as he was done adjusting him my baby turned his head to the left and fell asleep in my arms. I was completely amazed. I honestly didn’t know what to expect, as I wasn’t sure how safe it would be for an infant to get adjusted, but I felt very comfortable the entire time. It was a very positive experience and I plan on going back.
– Julia

Better After Treatment

My wife and I both go to Elite and are very happy there. The office was pretty nice and so were Dr. Brown and his staff. They really explained everything thoroughly so that there were no surprises. I’ve had this painful spot near my rear end that nobody has ever been able to get rid of and I’ve been to physical therapy and a few other chiros as well as my real doctor. But Dr. Brown did some adjustment where I layed on my side and he dropped on exactly the right spot and the pain went away instantly. I was like Holy Cow! I couldn’t believe it was gone after having it for so many years. My wife has on and off neck pain and it was better after her treatment too. I don’t know much about the different chiros in the area but I know I liked coming here. And they took care of all my insurance stuff too. I had no idea how that worked but they took care of it all and explained it so that I could understand it. I didn’t have to do anything, which was nice.
– Scott

Gentle Adjustments

My daughter and I go to Dr. Brown and I can say he is THE BEST chiropractor I’ve ever been to! I’ve been to at least a dozen other chiros and nobody has ever adjusted me like he has. He also adjusts my 12-year-old daughter and she loves getting adjusted by him. We look forward to our appointments because we always feel so much better afterwards. He is the only doctor that my daughter has been comfortable with, because he is very gentle with her treatments.
– Mona

Personal and Professional Treatment

My husband and I just started going here and I can say that neither of us have ever been adjusted as good as we were here. Dr. Brown is very personable and professional and gave us great treatment. I’m very happy that I found this office.
– Dawn

Feeling Better

I’ve been to many different chiropractors and can say that Dr. Brown is very good! He gave me some adjustments I’ve never experienced before and he has some exercise equipment that seems to really help. I was feeling much better after the first session. My wife also goes here and doesn’t like the hands on adjustments, so Dr. Brown adjusts her using this “Activator” instrument and she loves it. I would highly recommend coming here.
– Mark

Feeling Relief

Dr. Brown and his staff are so kind and helpful. They’re committed to not only fixing the problem but preventing it from returning with rehabilitation. I’ve been suffering from pain for years and because of them I am finally feeling much relief. Super affordable and suitable for all ages.
– Christine


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